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Activated Academy courses are developed around the principles of the Activated Classroom Teaching (ACT) model. This highly effective teaching approach is the result of years of research.
Activated Academy courses are unique. They are a blend of the best approach, the best teachers and the best content.

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Activated Classroom Teaching - Professional

Transform how you teach by learning to use the five 21st-century digital pedagogies - ACT book included.


Craig Blewett

Top 3 Student Thinking Strategies for Success

A 6-week course to re-energize and re-direct your teaching and learning to be more effective.


Thinking Schools

Programming for Kids

Learn to program by building your very own game in Scratch, from a Dad and Son team.


Joshua Blewett

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Activated Approach. Teacher Quality. Content Rich.

Best Approach

How you learn is as important as what you learn. Our courses are based on the unique, research-backed Activated Classroom Teaching (ACT) approach.

Best Teachers

Our teachers are leaders in their field who teach using our unique ACT approach.

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Our courses are packed full with the the latest, most relevant content.