Introducing Dr Craig Blewett and the Activated Teaching Approach

Craig has a PhD in educational technology and is the founder of the Activated Classroom Teaching (ACT) approach. The ACT approach to teaching with technology has been described as "genius", “a mind shift of epic proportions” and “a renaissance”. The ACT approach has impacted thousands of educators around the world and been featured on TV, radio, and international media. With over 25 years’ experience in educational technology, Craig is an internationally acclaimed speaker and writer who is helping educators teach in innovative and effective ways.

Discover what Type of Digital-Age Teacher you are

Complete the short Educational Technology Assessment (ETA) quiz below to discover what type of Digital-Age Educator you are. As we journey through the Activated Academy the intention is to help you become a more effective educator by showing you how the 5 ACT pedagogies can impact your approach to teaching. If you don’t use a particular tool, try and imagine how you might use it if you were using it in your classroom or business.

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Why The Activated Academy?

Dr. Craig Blewett has been actively involved in helping educators worldwide teach with technology, for over 10 years.

What the Covid-19 crisis has taught us is that the world can change in an instant. We are now living in a new normal – where the new is technology and the normal is change.

As educators we have an amazing privilege and responsibility to help shape the leaders of today and tomorrow. However, to do this we ourselves need to be equipped with effective 21st century teaching skills.
We need to know how to move our students from simply being passive consumers both online and in the classroom to becoming active engaged producers.

A new era of teaching needs a new era approach – the Activated Academy is not just a series of training courses, it is an innovative approach to supporting modern educators. It’s built on pedagogy. It’s designed around activity. It’s powered by educators.

The Activated Academy brings together years of research and experience from leading educators, innovators, and thinkers. The result is an academy where we share the world’s most effective courses for educators. Plus a powerful range of resources and tools,, support forums, and more.

Our mission is to activate 21st century education.
We do this by showing you how to teach with technology not just how to use technology.
We do this by providing you with a space to engage not only with other educators but also with experts in Educational Technology.
We do this by living our motto – creatively inspiring, which means doing everything we can so you can be everything you can.

The future is here and we look forward to welcoming you to the Activated Academy because together we can build an exciting tomorrow.

About Activated Academy

This site and the core principles of the Activated Classroom (ACT) approach are based on the work of Dr. Craig Blewett. His work has been featured widely in the media (see below) in addition to being presented at conferences and published in journals and books.


Active Connected Teaching Course - Group Journey

Perfect for schools universities and businesses looking for a flexible learning experience on how to teach effectively in online and blended learning situations.


Active Connected Teaching Course - Individual Journey

Perfect for teachers, lecturers and trainers wanting comprehensive, flexible training on how to deliver engaging, effective blended and online teaching.