Our ACT Success Stories

Nathan Rockhill, SACS Jr

"The way you have formulated the pedagogies and how they will work together to aid in holistic learning is genius."

I feel like your course has provided me with tools and skills that some teachers haven’t learned in 25 years of teaching!!

Wendy Briscoe, Howick High

I have to say it was not a difficult course for me to do, I was hooked from the start and became quite addicted.

Linda Bradfield, St Marys, Waverley

It opened our eyes

Sandisiwe Dlangisa, UKZN)

The takeaways I have from this course are endless

Renate Matthews, Cornerstone Health and Technology School

I would like to encourage all teachers including the older ones to do this course because it gives us new strategies for teaching”

Khanyisani Gumede, UKZN)

"This course & forum provided an excellent chance for us to engage with one another, stimulate our thoughts and passions around teaching and challenge ourselves to take risks and move to a new level in our own teaching and learning thus becoming more effective teachers who can create curious & passionate students. "
Irene Reid, Westville Girls High
"Thank you, Craig, for a wonderful course. I feel very inspired and motivated to introduce more technology into my classroom using the ACT Model. Thank you also for your time, hard work and the many years of research that went into building the Activated Classroom teaching approach. What you are doing is so important and I look forward to learning more with you! "
Jodi Morley, ​Penzance Primary School
"I want to thank you very much for making this course available to me/us. Your excitement and relaxed way of presenting is truly wonderful. I have learnt so much and I know that it will definitely change the way in which I use technology in my classroom going forward."
Bronwyn Smith, Penzance Primary School

I would just like to express my heartfelt thanks for the most amazing course I think I have ever done.

Wendy Briscoe, Howick High

"The course has been a renaissance for me!"
Robert Zell, The Anglo House
"It was like a good book you can't put down"
Lizwilenkosi Dube, University of KwaZulu-Natal

Dr. Blewett has researched, designed and produced an important gift for both teachers and students, in the form of the Digital Pedagogy Course. I appreciate the fact that one completes the course with an impressive list of apps and tools to implement immediately and also that one has had the experience of experimenting with many of them, in advance.

Vanessa Hartley, UKZN

I want to thank you very much for making this course available to me/us. Your excitement and relaxed way of presenting is truly wonderful. I have learnt so much and I know that it will definitely change the way in which I use technology in my classroom going forward.

Bronwyn Smith, Penzance Primary School

I've Enjoyed The Challenge And Your Enthusiasm. I Feel More Inspired To Use Technology To Extend Higher Levels Of Cognitive Thinking And The Various Pedagogies Used In Different Activities. Thank You For Your Passionate Approach Towards Tech Integration In The Classroom.

Deborah Diana, DPHS

"Thank you to infinity. Your course stood out from others because I have been activated. Never before have I been so actively involved in a course/workshop...you have certainly given me a mind shift of epic proportions."
Wendy Briscoe, Howick High
I have come to realise, through this course, that technology is only powerful when it is used correctly to engage students in an active process of learning. Teachers, therefore, play a pivotal role in using technology in the classroom and we must adapt our teaching pedagogies before technology is introduced. The ACT model shows teachers how to implement the 5 digital pedagogies to promote active learning through curation, conversation, correction, creation and chaos. What is so wonderful, is that this course shows us HOW to do this. This course is practical and gives us an introduction to tools that we can use to get started on the ACT model of teaching. It really is an awakening and has motivated me to try this in my classroom!
Jodi Morley, ​Penzance Primary School
When one has been teaching for a while, it is wonderful to find something that excites and inspires one. I have found the course exciting, most practical and enlightening and it ties in with a lot of what we've been working on at school in PD sessions about 21st Century Thinking Skills, Activated learning, Ken Robinson and even vulnerability.
Glynnis Moore, St Albans College
Particularly I wanted to share my thoughts on the way the course is delivered as this was what made me so excited about using your course... I loved the way it was presented. This may be of interest to those Deputy’s, HOD of academics or others who want to sell this concept to their schools. It is not app driven but pedagogically driven. THE BEST is that I do not have to schedule time for mass training, teachers train on their own in their own time. Its easily accessible via the web, and as a teacher you can pick and choose those apps that you like and you feel will advance your subject knowledge or skills.
Mr Stephen Ireland, Deputy Headmaster, Thomas More College - High School

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