Join us to discover what goes on behind the scenes of Activated Teaching​

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24th nov


behind the scenes tour of Activated Teaching



What’s included in your backstage pass tour?

  • I will take you on a brief tour around the highly acclaimed Active Connected Teaching course
  • I’ll lift the veil on the pedagogic design underpinning the course
  • I’ll open the ACT Toolbox and Activated Lesson Plan Repository for you to peek inside

"Genius" - "Inspirational" - "The Most Incredible Course" - "A Gift For Teachers"

Activated Teaching reviews

You will leave with:

  • An understanding of what the Active Connected Teaching course is about
  • An insight into what is needed to set up online training
  • A gift
  • Lot’s of smiles
  • Maybe a prize too!

Active Connected Teaching Course - Group Journey

Perfect for schools universities and businesses looking for a flexible learning experience on how to teach effectively in online and blended learning situations.


Active Connected Teaching Course - Individual Journey

Perfect for teachers, lecturers and trainers wanting comprehensive, flexible training on how to deliver engaging, effective blended and online teaching.